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Where are you from?

Born and raised in Houston Texas

Describe your sound:

I throw a little bit of everything in my music. You can say there is different colors in my music.

Tell us about your latest track: I currently have an EP out called In the Meantime which is getting tremendous coverage. Thanks to my music manager Larry who has been a great supporter. Larry connected me with my promotions manager Casper Alexander who has been doing a phenomenal job with his laser focused strategy. He has just been working his heart out 24/7. I couldn't do it without them and I'm very grateful for them. Out of the tracks, My Town is the track that I'm focusing more on in this EP. My Town is a track about having big dreams and taking pride where you are from. We are currently in the works with a music video for the track. I have nothing but good things about Devin Gibson the director. He is very creative and a perfectionist. I’m sure he will do a fantastic job with directing the video. Im super excited about that.

Who inspires you? Life in general inspires me. You know coming from where I’m from, I experienced a lot and I put a lot of what I been through in my music.

Where do you see your career in 5 years? My goal is to reach out to others and inspire them. I hope that they can relate and see that, you know, they are not alone with this. Like I said music is therapy.

Where can we check out your sounds www.scottblazeofficial.com


Tell us something about yourself that the people need to know. Music is my outlet. Music has always been here for me. Music helps me live and helps me heal. Music helps me through the struggles, It’s like my therapy.






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Rhythmic pop artist Yana was born in Varna, Bulgaria and moved to the United States where she was raised in Los Angeles, California. She started studying piano at the age of 6 and attended performance boot camps in the heart of LA where she learned the basics of contemporary songwriting in classes held by Grammy-nominated industry professionals. Shortly after being introduced to the music industry, Yana began collaborating with producer Drew Allsbrook, and together they co-wrote songs that were recorded and performed by artists for theme songs and music libraries. They penned the lighthearted pop tune "Don't You Wanna Be Like Us" which has been used by Elle.com, Nickelodeon, and Lifetime's Dance Moms. As of 2018, Yana is working on her upcoming EP that is set to release within the next year. Her debut single "My Check" was released on May 17th, 2018.

Where are you from?

I was born in Varna, Bulgaria, but I moved to the US at the age of four and was raised in Long Beach, California!

Describe your sound:

It’s a mix of rhythmic pop and urban contemporary R&B! Think Dua Lipa mixed with Charlie Puth and a sprinkle of Bazzi.

Tell us about your latest track:

It’s an rhythmic pop-inspired empowerment anthem about making money and being proud to talk about it and inspire others to do the same! It’s the type of song you listen to on Fridays when you’re about to get your paycheck, and on the weekends when you’re celebrating it. It’s almost like a prophecy.

Who inspires you?

I love listening to Charlie Puth; I feel like I connect the most with him out of any artist I listen to. His work inspires me to write as much as I can and express myself in the purest way I know how.

Where do you see your career in 5 years?

I hope to be celebrating my music with people all around the globe. One of my biggest goals is to tour the world and perform in my home country, Bulgaria. It’ll bring my life full circle.

Where can we check out your sounds?

Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, SoundCloud, you name it! My first single “My Check” is available on all major streaming platforms. Links to all streams are on www.yanaofficial.com!

Tell us something about yourself that the people need to know.

I’ll tell you a secret: I love writing music and I dream to do it for the rest of my life. I only hope to inspire others to do the same with their dreams.




https://soundcloud.com/yanated/mycheck .

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Musician from South Florida Boca Raton who is a singer, rapper, and who plays his own instruments. Constant hard worker who's always investing into his music career.

Where are you from?

I’m a singer/rapper from south Florida.

Describe your sound…

My sound consists of my fast hard hitting trap rap and also my slower more heartfelt songs. with my singing and raping I play other instruments witch is very helpful when making my beats.

Tell us about your latest track…

10/10, the song that just released is one of my faster hard hitting trap. I’m crazy and I like to party and if my squad comes to a party we go hard. 10/10 is about one of those party’s

Who inspires you?

The artist who I really am inspired by is The Weeknd and post Malone because not only can they sing they also can flow.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Even though I say I’m “cocky” I’m not, but I am confident. In 5 years i know I’m going to make something out of my life and music is what I know best.

Tell us something people need to know…

People can find my current music on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, google play, etc but to follow me and what I put out in the future my instagram is 0_legitimate_0







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R&B Singer @AriusOfficial_ releases her first single, For You, from her upcoming "Reality" EP


Listen to the #musicmoney featured artist now and make sure you check out her social media.






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Rita Capuchina is a versatile artist from San Angelo, Texas who has a love for country music like no other. Being of hispanic descent, she grew up in Ingleside, Texas and moved to San Angelo at the age of 20. Rita is a loving mother of two and is greatly supported by her husband.

Where are you from?: I like to think I have two hometowns. I was raised in Ingleside, TX and I left home for college after graduation. I've been living in San Angelo for over twenty years now, so I consider this my second hometown.

Describe your sound: Country with a Blues & Rock feel to it. Very versatile as I am influenced by many genres of music.

Tell us about your latest track: So in Love With You was written by my producer, Blanca Granados, which was inspired by her sister and brother in laws relationship. It's about finding the one you're meant to be with and a celebration of a lifetime commitment. Originally a very slow ballad, we modified it to be a quicker country shuffle.


Who inspires you?

I grew up listening to Christian music, so the first artist I remember listening to that gave me the desire to sing was Amy Grant. Her vocals were so pure and beautiful that I could feel the emotion in her songs. As I started to listen to pop and country, I remember being inspired by artists like Alanis Morrissette, because her songs had great lyrics and unique vocal patterns. Then artists like Shania Twain, Terri Clark and Sara Evans introduced me to great Country music you could enjoy dancing and singing to. My favorite country artist is Miranda Lambert because of her great lyrics and vocal talent.

Where do you see your career in 5 years?

I hope in 5 years to have recorded and released two or three albums...I'd like to focus on Country first, but I also would like to do a bilingual or Latin album. I hope to be touring and opening for artists such as Miranda.

Where can we check out your sounds?

My single is on all over the digital market, which includes iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, etc. I hope to introduce more songs soon.

Tell us something about yourself that the people need to know:

I believe God has a plan for us and he gives us all talents to share with the world. I believe in being true to your Faith, your family, and yourself. When you can't find words to Express yourself, music will always be there for you. I hope someday one of my songs will be able to help someone deal with the pressures of this life or just help them celebrate life.